Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A great summer evening

Yesterday my kid got the coolest gift in the mail from his Nana Tutu and Grandpa Mike. It is a music CD with eight songs all about him. Every song has his name in it! I have seen books like this before, but never have I heard of music with a child’s names in it… Very cool! We listened to some of the songs last night and the rest of them this evening. It is so special to get such a personal gift and we think it is so cool they are singing to him!

Tonight is a nice cool night. We have the windows open and I am sitting here listening to the crickets chirping below the deck. This evening we harvested another bucket of purple beans (Royal Burgundy) from the garden. Have you heard of purple beans? They are the coolest thing! They grow just like bush style green beans, but the bean is a dark purple variety that turns green when cooked! They are so amazing!

Last night was the neighbor boy’s birthday, so my kid and his dad brought a present over to the birthday boy along with a big bunch of the purple beans. Tonight the neighbor was telling me how her son loves the purple beans - he is eating them like candy she said. I enjoy being able to share our harvest with the neighbors, especially the really cool foods!

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