Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunny Blessings

I am thrilled – the wet weather held off for most of the day! I got some tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and beans planted (more still needs to be done). Brian and J are on their way to the store to get border materials for my pretty little squares! I finished putting the gardening supplies and J's toys back in the garage, and the first roll of thunder just rumbled through the sky! Timing is everything, sometimes! According to the thunderstorms aren’t supposed to hit until 5:00pm, but I am not sure Mother Nature is willing to wait another hour…

I actually harvested something today – oregano. It was growing like a weed and was taking over the squares next to it… so I decided to cut it back and dry the leaves for future use in the kitchen.

I think I hear the rain falling on the deck as I write this. Yes, indeed, I can see the droplets hitting the deck, leaving dark little circles on the light grey wood. So, looks like was off by an hour – good thing I was ready for the rain.

I am grateful for the seven (plus) hours of sunshine I enjoyed today outside. I wasn’t expecting any sun and was blessed with over seven hours! Now I think I will take a shower, get into some cozy rainy-weather clothes and relax the rest of the evening (or until I have to start dinner).


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