Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is in the Box?

So what am I growing in those TEN square garden spaces??


J has one box for his very own. The layout for his square is shown below. I think he will love having his own space to tend when we are working in the garden. He is also excited for the cat to join us in the garden so she can try her cat grass and catnip.

So the other 9 boxes? What could possibly fill 9 boxes?? Here is a list:

Box 1 – onions. We didn’t plan to fill a box this year with onions (especially since the ones we grew last year never really took hold and grew). HA-HA! Guess what? Those onions decided to grow this year instead! Yes, we have a full 4’ by 4’ square of last year’s onions growing strong. Who knew?

Box 2 – herbs. This box has oregano, thyme, German Chamomile, flat parsley, radishes, spinach and broccoli. I think I should have planted the radishes somewhere else to save some room for my other herbs, but I will just hold off on planting them until the radishes are done growing. I would like to plant rosemary, curly parsley, and basil.

Box 3 – cabbage, cauliflower, green onions, and radishes. I figured the cabbage and cauliflower will be done growing by the time the green onions grow in (they seem to grow so slowly). The radishes are a great filler for my last square in this box – it gives me something to watch that grows quickly and hopefully will keep me distracted from wondering if the onions will ever grow (and my urge to dig them up to see if they are growing – lol).

Box 4 & 5 – tomatoes and carrots. I have heard tomatoes and carrots really like each other so I have planted four tomato plants in each box (one in each of the inside squares) and planted carrots in the boxes all around the outside of the square. Truth be told, I have only planted the first of these two boxes. I may switch-it-up a bit for the second box by planting the carrots in triangles in the four corners (making a diamond shape in the middle), then I will plant the tomato plants in the corners of the diamond.

Box 6 & 7 – tomatoes and bush beans. More tomatoes, Jenn? Really?? YES! Since I received 18 tomato plants for Mother’s Day, I have enough tomato plants for 5 boxes (3-4 plants in each box). I have read that bush beans and tomatoes also get along well, so to expand the veggie options I am planting bush beans around the tomatoes in two of the boxes.

Box 8 – tomatoes and something else to be determined.

Box 9 – something with a vine. This might end up being pumpkins, watermelon, cucumber, squash, or zucchini… I still need to find room for all of these plants, but just not sure which one will make the cut for getting in the actual box.

Off to the garden. More Later….

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