Thursday, April 19, 2012

The East Side

The East Side: The front of the house faces east. The south-east side of the front door should get sun most of the morning, while the north-side of the front door will probably get only early morning sun. We have two bushes that flank the front door.
On the north-east side (and wrapping around to the north side of the sun porch) the flower bed is filled with Lily’s of the Valley (which I love!!). Much like the north side of the house, I think this area will be very low maintenance and little effort!

On the south-east side we have tulips (two different colors – red and white) and several hosta plants (I think there are three different kinds, but not sure since we planted some and some were already planted). The south-east corner of the house is anchored with a bunch of my favorite rocks (yes, we have moved these rocks each time we move *about 3-4 different moves over the past 10 years*). In between these rocks are some Lily’s of the Valley (which I love!!) and in front of the rocks is my giant leafed hosta plant.

We planted around 70 tulip bulbs last year (in different spots around the house). I think I will add another 70 or so this fall and maybe some daffodils too. Now that I have seen the beds in the spring, I have a better idea of where we can plant them and not disturb existing plants.

The dilemma is in defining the edge of the garden space. The north-east side is edged with a sidewalk, so there is nothing to consider with that; however, the south-east side is not defined. I like symmetry and would like the house to look balanced. That being said, when you stand in front of the house the garage is on your right and is attached to the house (so it isn’t symmetrical if you consider the addition of the garage). But, I don’t consider the garage and then the house is perfectly beautifully symmetrical (no I have not measure per se, but it looks symmetrical to me and I would like to keep it that way). I don’t have the same plants on both sides of the front door, which I am okay with, but I would like the appearance of balance and symmetry when one looks at the house from the road. So back to the dilemma, do I add an edging to the flower bed on the south-east side of the front of the house or not?

My thoughts – I actually think I will wrap the edging from the south side of the house around to the front and see if that works for me. I will post more about the south side of the house in a couple of days after I share about the north and west sides of the house…

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