Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting everything ready... Defining the space(s)

As I posted earlier, we moved in September of last year. The house we moved into already had a bunch of perennials and some wonderful window boxes (I will be filling these with annuals in May). We also moved a bunch of our own flowers, so the flower gardens should be exciting to watch as they come alive all summer long!

Since we didn’t know exactly what was planted where and we didn’t want to disturb the existing flowers, we made several sections of the beds bigger to accommodate the flowers we moved last October. This has made for an interesting spring thus far – full of fun surprises and interesting challenges.

The first challenge was setting up the 4x4 garden boxes. We share a backyard with our neighbors, so we wanted to minimize the impact the garden squares would have on all of our yard usage. We knew approximately where the boxes would go, but without knowing the sun/shade patterns for the summer we had to make some educated guesses as to the best location. Ultimately we decided to stager them in a mini-checkerboard pattern on the east side of the back yard (see photo). This should give us room to mow around the boxes and allow for easy access to garden square, without taking up too much of the yard.

The second challenge was to re-define the edges of the flower beds. There are indications that the beds were straight and ran parallel to the house (beds on all four sides which is nice), but the edge between garden and lawn was natural with no defined edges. As I mentioned earlier, we kind of added to the size of the flower beds instead of trying to plant in the existing space. Details on what we did to each side of the house will be posted over the next few days!

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