Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It is SPRING and I am eager to get things moving in the garden!

So eager in fact, that a few weeks ago when the temperatures were continuously in the 70’s I might have gotten a little over zealous; but, no more so than Mother Nature herself.

About two weekends ago, we got our three little raised beds ready for planting. We mixed a bunch of 'Mel’s Mix' and filled the tall (12 inches tall) 4x4 raised bed. Then went and purchased the ingredients to fill the two shorter 4x4 beds (each 6 inches tall).

Later that weekend, we planted our peas, onion sets, and seed potatoes (some in the 12inch box and some in a special potato planter I picked up at the big box store). Since the weather was STILL warm later that week, I planted 4 romaine lettuce plants, 4 bibb lettuce plants, 4 broccoli plants, 4 brussel spout plants, and 1 rosemary plant. (see diagrams below for locations). I also have spinach growing in a pot on the front steps.

Well, now the temperature has dropped and is below average! The past two nights the low temperatures have fallen below freezing! I covered all the plants the past two nights and will cover them again tonight (there is a frost warning, but it should only get down to 32°). Hopefully everything I planted and everything Mother Nature has nudged to grow earlier than usual will survive this week’s low temperatures.

I have faith that Mother Nature would not allow plants to grow and get flower buds if she was only going to kill those buds with a hard freeze. But who knows – time will tell.

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