Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Year in a New Home

I wrote this in January, but never posted it...

So… the end of last summer we moved. Actually, you could say we moved the beginning of fall, because it was the first day of school. If I am not mistaken, the first day of school is unofficially the first day of fall. We moved the first day of school – so summer or fall doesn’t really make much difference…. the fact is we moved.

When we moved we left most of the perennial flowers behind. We moved a hand-full (actually a car-full) of potted perennials. We only moved one of our new lilac bushes. You might be asking why we didn’t move more. Well, two reasons: #1 – some of the perennials had just finally started to recover from the last move (three years prior). #2 – moving plants is an amazing amount of work and there were already many flowers at our new home.

We decided to leave the peonies at the old house. They worked so hard to grow and finally bloom last year, we didn’t have the heart to make them go through that process again. And there is a peony plant here – so maybe that one will bloom next summer.

For my birthday in November, Brian ordered some spring flowering bulbs. He planted these late in November, while I was visiting my mom. They should all produce blooms in the blue (purple) range. There are iris, crocus, hyacinth and something else. It will be interesting to see where they were planted and if they bloom next spring. Also, the boy and I planted about 50-75 tulip bulbs (red and white). So there should be some beautiful red, white, and blue flowers next spring!!